My name is Michael, Inventor of the 'Patent Pending' Dual-Level Gourmet Camp grill.

My goal is to provide the perfect grill to enhance your camping experience 

The development and innovative idea of this grill came from my personal experience in 2015.

PROBLEM: Most grills at the car camping sites are dirty and are placed too high from the fire.

COMMON ADAPTATION:  I've seen many campers buy a generic grill and place it on top.

Dirty and No grill space

TRAGEDY: Loss of a $7 Gourmet Burger in the fire

THE IDEA: What if.......Would this work?....... Ah ha!, this could work.

SOLUTION: 'Dual Level' Camp Grill'


1. "With the patent pending double 360 hinges, the front grill can be flipped up to easily add firewood"

2. Sometime during cooking, you say 'BRING THE PLATES!' it's an intrepid moment where accidents can happen.

There just isn't enough grilling real estate. Our Dual-Level Grill provides both the cooking level and a warming, resting area for your food.


3. The height can be easily adjusted to different cooking levels. The two halves can be disconnected for easy cleaning, folding and minimizing space for travel. 



 A good meal is all about balance :-)


Canadian Maple LeafHappy 150th Canada!       'Eat Well, Make Memories'

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